Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers the perfect blend of silky sandy beaches, charming colonial neighborhoods, and dazzling waters for endless fun, relaxation, and escape. The natural beauty of this portside town situated on the Bay of Banderas is unsurpassed, and the warm hospitality of the Mexican people make Puerto Vallarta a favorite vacation spot for divers as well as land-lubbers and beach-goers.

Whether you dream of spending your days fly fishing, hiking the jungle interiors, diving the famous rock formations, or exploring the Spanish colonial neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta, it's hard to imagine a more perfect tropical retreat. Conditions for boating, snorkeling, and diving are ideal, with calm Bay waters, clear visibility, and stunning underwater volcanic gardens of tunnels, pinnacles, and caves. Zip from cove to cove in your boat or hire a private scuba charter and explore tiny coves to uncover secret, sandy beaches or hidden underwater caves rarely frequented by tourists.

If you are more inclined to go exploring on firm ground, then you have the Sierra Mountains at your fingertips for hiking, horseback riding, and exploring the archaeological ruins at Ixtapa. Exciting outdoor activities are easy to come by in Puerto Vallarta, and you can even try something new like seeing the area from a hot air balloon.

If your idea of the perfect vacation is to relax and rejuvenate while you let others enjoy the nature-lovers' playground, you can sit back and enjoy Puerto Vallarta's famous beaches and excellent resort amenities. The livin' is easy - settle down with a book, a margarita, or a beach massage.

Puerto Vallarta can be a nature lovers' playground or a blissful, relaxing retreat...or both! You can also enjoy exciting nightlife, dining, entertainment and a full range of accommodations, from luxury spa resorts to private cottages. And our perfect sunny weather completes the scene, making Puerto Vallarta the ideal vacation spot for any traveler!